When the church authorities and parish Catholics treat abuse victims as the enemy it allows them to rationalize their hateful behavior. If only they could recognize us as Catholics too -members of the same faith family, disaffected, disillusioned, no longer comfortable at table fellowship but still part of the family. We did not choose to be abused, sodomized or raped by our Fathers but we were. The abusive priests are the enemy – not us. We are just the adult versions of the 3 year old, 4 year old, 7 year old, 11 year old us that was hurt – hurt so badly we can’t seem to let it go. Hurt so badly our faith was torn along with our tender bodies.

And when we need our Faith Family the most they turn away, call us liars, reject and verbally abuse us.

I find the people praying for Monsignor Lynn at the Philly trial to be unconscionably disinterested in the real victims and I cannot understand it. Have they not read the Grand Jury reports? Who do they really think Jesus would be defending, praying with, healing? The cowardly, corrupt, callous prelates of the Church?

Their piety and blindness sicken me. I despair of a just outcome to this case.