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Fr. Bourgeois, a long-time peace activist and supporter of woman’s ordination is being threatened with excommunication…again!  Sister Elizabeth Johnson has recently received an official (reportedly misinformed) criticism of her book, Quest for the Living God. Her offense?  Maybe just the fact that she is a reputable, female Catholic theologian? Because, according to theologians and reviewers, her book is very sound, contemporary Catholic theology. The good news is that the criticism has boosted sales of her book, so hopefully more Catholics will be positively influenced by this great contemporary theologian.  For a good summary of her work see the article in America Magazine’s blog.

What is it about the Vatican? It seems able only to recognize “evil” in certain forms: the pursuit of justice for child abuse victims, the acceptance of the rights of women to respond to the Holy Spirit, the rights of the gay and lesbian community to take vows of love and life-long commitment, the rights of a diocesan priest to commit to both the church and to a woman as his partner in a holy life of service. These are all viewed as evil. But the rape and molestation of children is callously ignored, the criminal behavior of priests recklessly overlooked.

Apparently Catholic priests and religious should just be quiet about Catholic issues, or should do what the bishops do: criticize other Catholics who are actually making a positive contribution, ignore the evil and criminal behavior of Catholic priests and religious, and apply for a larger diocese.


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