What is it that we want from our church?

  • A system to educate our children
  • A ritual to honor our marriages, our births, our deaths
  • A representative from our church to help us with deaths and burials
  • Someone to listen to us when we have a personal crisis

 Where do we go for these things if we don’t go to the church? 

  • We go to public schools and complain about the lack of a morality curriculum, and lament the lack of  values in the sex education program.
  •  We go to our therapists for counseling and become frustrated at the lack of spirituality in the process of   
  •  We go to funeral homes and work with funeral directors who are strangers, at a time when what we
     desperately need are people who know us and know our loved one.
  •  We use event planners for our weddings and shop around for a pretty church and a minister willing to fit in
     with our “vision” of our wedding, all the while complaining that the priest at the church we were baptized
     in, and haven’t attended since graduating grammar school, wasn’t willing to witness our marriage without a
     preparation process and a commitment to start attending mass again.

What are we willing to give to our church in order to maintain the functions we want it to offer?

  • Are we willing to become professional teachers and administrators in the Catholic school system?
  • Are we willing to volunteer our time with bereavement ministries?
  • Are we willing to enter the diaconate program?
  • Are we even willing to attend mass and pray for each other?

What are we willing to do in order for there to be a church for our own children to cynically dismiss as young adults?