Healing the Church has to involve a re-evaluation of the theology of the priesthood. We can no longer sustain the theology of the priest as “Christ among us” without a serious credibility problem. What are witnessing in our Church is that the activity of the Holy Spirit in the pursuit of God’s Truth has not been evident among the clergy or hierarchy, with very few exceptions. Instead the Truth has been spoken by the “anawim” the oppressed minority, those whom the Church has rejected: the victims of abuse and their family members and supporters. And the champion of God’s Truth has not been the “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” but the secular press, The Boston Globe.  

The credibility of the Catholic priesthood as an organ of Christ’s Truth, Justice, and Compassion has been profoundly compromised. Revisiting the theology of the “Priesthood of the People” is one way to redeem that credibility. Discernment of the work of the Holy Spirit is a responsibility of the whole Church which is together the “Body of Christ.”   
              From Hurt To Healing, 2004 (edited)

Where is the Holy Spirit discernible today in our Church?  Is it in Rome? Is it in the keepers of the secret clergy files? Is it present at the table when the bishops and their lawyers discuss strategies to hide money from the courts?

The Holy Spirit is breathing courage and hope into those in the Church who challenge the status quo, who advocate justice, who support victims and priests of integrity. And she is a Mighty Force.