I dream of a future church –
 – where leaders can be identified by their humility and spirituality not by the color and opulence of their medieval-styled dress
– where gender is not a factor in the discernment of vocation, and celibacy is not a pre-requisite to ordination
 – where the response to people hurt by priests and religious is guided by compassionate ministers of God’s love and justice, and not by members of the legal profession mandated to protect Church property and reputation at all costs – where I can trust that my children and grandchildren will be safe from known predators, because I can be sure that anyone found hurting children or young adults will be turned over to the civil authorities and not protected and reassigned to unsuspecting communities
 – where I can once again pray, celebrate the sacraments, weep and be consoled, find spiritual nurturing, and rediscover hope.

I dream, I hope, I pray.