“Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin called on his episcopal colleagues to take responsibility for the Irish Catholic Church’s failures in dealing with child sexual abuse by priests….
“The church tragically failed many of its children: it failed through abuse; it failed through not preventing abuse; it failed through covering up abuse.”
America Magazine, April 5 2010

It is becoming more and more apparent to me that secrecy not celibacy is at the root of the child abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. What other organisation has offered protection from criminal prosecution, a guaranteed access to hundreds of children, an “old boy” network of support for abusers, and a system of intimidation of victims. Add to this the guarantee of “sacramental absolution” from other priests, what Catholic pedophile would not have been attracted to the priesthood?

 It is a surprise only that any psychologically healthy men could have put up with what was going on around them.