Vigil mass, packed Cathedral, boy-choir, all male readers, all male celebrants. Too bad women are not capable of reading the Word of God.  Too bad there are no women who have experienced a calling to the priesthood in the Catholic Church. Or if they have it isn’t really a calling because we all know that the Holy Spirit is not experienced by women. Divine inspiration is only recognised by the all male clergy if it is received by another male. Convenient system! Women who claim such a calling must be crazy or heretical or both. They need to be silenced and threatened with ex-communication. But at least we get to arrange the flowers.

And in the US and Ireland, priests have been doing such a good job of being guided by the Holy Spirit, haven’t they. We would be hard pressed to find one let alone three wise men in the Catholic heirarchy right now! Three men who would put financial security, personal ambition, comfort and public reputation aside to follow their faith (and a star) into foreign territory and an uncertain future, who would give up all their worldly riches to serve God’s plan.

Then I think of wise Catholic woman like Edwina Gately and my hope is restored.