Is there such a thing as The Truth? Is what people present as The Truth simply their truth, their opinion about The Truth? The pope, the minister, the imam quote their scripture or doctrine; the evolutionary scientist quotes Darwin; the physicist quotes Einstein; the geologist refers to “irrefutable” evidence of ice ages and global warming. These are their truths.

But information requires interpretation, and in order to interpret we make use of the tools and assumptions we already have regarding the source of the information, and we interpret within a structure of meaning we already accept. Scientists and theologians don’t gather raw information and then see what it means. They start off knowing what it is they are looking for: evidence of the Big Bang, for example, or evidence of God. After all, atheists don’t look for signs of God and evolutionary biologists don’t go looking for Noah’s ark. Both start from a certain position or belief about reality, so is it likely that they will find what they are not looking for?